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The Anvil is a new generation hydrospeed, both from a materials and design perspective, and as its name suggests, it is made to take a beating. It is first and foremost a creeking board, boasting styling that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Experts appreciate its smooth handling & responsive turning abilities, making it ideal for technical river running. Novices find comfort in the tough shell and robust sidewalls, offering excellent protection against impact. The Anvil is a great alternative for individuals who want to experience whitewater more intimately. 


CUSTOM OPTIONS FOR 2022: Blended colors available for 10% upcharge. Hatch or hatchless models also available. Prices do not include shipping charges within the U.S.



- Length: 110 cm / 3’7″

- Width: 64 cm / 25″

- Height: 30 cm / 12″

- Weight: 10.5 kg / 23 lbs



- Easy-grip handles for navigation

- 3 Carry handles

- 4″ Centre hatch

- Padding for arms and body

- Rounded hull with soft rails aiding navigation



A Variety of solid and blended colors available

Hatch & Hatchless models optional